What is CBD/Cannabidiol?

So what is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is an incredible compound extracted from either hemp or marijuana and is truly one of the most remarkable compounds in the natural world.

So what exactly is cannabidiol (CBD)? You’re probably reading this article because you’ve heard something amazing about this fantastic product and you want to find out more about it.

CBD is an extract from Cannabis plants. These plants are little chemical powerhouses that contain more than 400 different compounds. Lots of these compounds can also be found in other plants, which is why people say that marijuana can sometimes smell like pine trees or taste like fresh lemons, but only 60 of them are unique to marijuana. This group of compounds are called cannabinoids, and one of those cannabinoids is CBD.

So what is it about CBD that has everyone is raving about it?
We can’t legally talk about the reported benefits of CBD, or any medical benefits that it has because of the way the law works in the UK – however a quick google will tell you all of the things we can’t. So we’re going to talk about every other aspect of CBD to help fill in the gaps you may not have read about elsewhere.

The Fundamentals of Cannabidiol:

No – it doesn’t make you high…
Firstly, it won’t get you high. The compound that produces the high in marijuana is called THC. Most CBD products will only contain tiny traces of THC which won’t affect you and are not mood altering nor do they have any psychoactive side effects.

Yes – it is legal!
THC is the illegal component of the marijuana cannabidiol compounds and as CBD does not contain THC, it is legal to use. In fact in most countries where marijuana is illegal CBD is perfectly fine and legal to use.
CBD can be extracted from hemp or marijuana plants…

There are so many different strains of hemp and marijuana plants. Lots of them have been cultivated for different purposes. However both hemp and marijuana contain CBD. The strains being bred for CBD extraction contain extra high levels of the cannabidiol compound.


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